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More victims coming forward in West Coast sex harassment case

New York seems to have its share of scandals, including sex scandals involving politicians. However, a West Coast sexual harassment problem that is allegedly plaguing the San Diego mayor’s office is garnering many national headlines.

Sexual harassment in the workplace holds its own place in the area of salacious story. The issue can have real and adverse impacts upon the victims of the unwanted sexual conduct.

While state laws in New York and federal laws prohibit workplace harassment, issues far too frequently can arise in almost any type of work setting. Sexual harassment on the job can affect the victim of the unlawful conduct in the workplace, and at home alike. The impact can create adverse health effects upon a victim, including depression.

A great-grandmother in California says that she suffered embarrassment and broke down in tears after the mayor of San Diego sexually harassed her in the workplace. She is the 16th woman to come forward with allegations against the mayor. Many women (and men for that matter) who are victims of such harassment may often have difficulty coming forward.

The latest victim of workplace harassment to come forward in the West Coast issue says that she worked for $8 an hour to supplement her Social Security. She apparently is not alleging that she was sexually harassed to keep her job. She says that she endured a hostile work environment that included sexually suggested remarks, advances and even an unwanted kiss on the lips from the mayor.

News reports have chronicled the mayor’s refusal to step down, and his agreement to seek counseling. But, when it comes down to the final analysis, the women should be entitled to seek justice for their allegations of sexual harassment, and to have the opportunity to seek a remedy for the unlawful conduct that they say they have had to endure.

Source: Reuters, “Great-grandmother accuses San Diego mayor of sexual harassment,” Marty Graham, Aug. 15, 2013

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