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September 2013 Archives

Trial court ruling over intern wage dispute garners recognition

Earlier this year we discussed the issue of wage-and-hour disputes between workers and their employers. Unfair pay issues have been making news recently, as workers seek to enforce rights under laws aimed at protecting workers from abuses in pay. In June, a federal judge chambered in New York found that two unpaid interns who worked on the set of the film “Black Swan” had actually performed duties that fell within the scope of a regular employee.

Judge allows disability bias suit over cervical cancer to proceed

In October 2009, a woman in the Midwest was diagnosed with stage IV cervical cancer. She called her supervisor with the news, and says that she also hoped to continue working as she fought the disease. She had hoped that she could take a different job with her employer that may be less demanding. She was worried about the physical demands of her full time job, and during the phone conversation, she says that she asked about other work.

Bank of America settles brokerage sex discrimination lawsuit

The issue of disparity in pay between the sexes has made the news in a variety of contexts in recent years. Wage disputes can come in a variety of forms. Often, an employer may fail to pay overtime to workers regardless of gender or other discriminatory purposes. And aggrieved workers who are kept on the clock without lawful pay may have a claim.

Federal judge refuses to dismiss FMLA lawsuit for fired woman

An interesting issue arose recently in a case involving the Family and Medical Leave Act and a worker from a Mid-Atlantic State. Many people throughout New York and Long Island may associate FMLA leave with childbirth or adoption issues. But, the law applies to a wide variety of other medical and family issues.