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Women still dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace

In New York, which is known to be a hodgepodge of people and ideas, you wouldn't think that harassment and abuse would be as rampant as it is for women, but according to a report from Dec. 2, it's not unusual. One of the major issues is allegedly sexual harassment, which happens in the workplace, as well as when women are working in the field.

According to a study of 875 woman from countries around the globe, just over 64 percent of them believed they were experiencing intimidation, threats or abuse while working. These women included those working as journalists, reporters, editors, producers,and camera people, and they worked in all areas of media from TV to newspapers. Not unbelievably, the most common source of problems was found to be caused by a supervisor, boss or co-worker, and this was reported in over 50 percent of cases.

According to the female respondents, 46.12 percent claimed that they had been a victim of sexual harassment in relation to their jobs, while around 13 percent claimed they had been subjected to some form of sexual violence in the office or in a work-related situation. Sexual violence was not described, but may include things like pushing, groping or patting, as well as aggressive behavior.

If you've been working in an environment with harassment like so many women do, then you're probably looking to do something about it. The thought of retaliation from your peers or boss might be one of the things holding you back, but sexual assault or harassment in the workplace is never acceptable. If you want to look into your legal options, there are many avenues you can take to get out of or to eliminate the problems you're facing at work.

Huffington Post, "Women Journalists Face Rampant Workplace Abuse, Sexual Harassment: Study" Catherine Taibi, Dec. 02, 2013

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