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Sexual harassment and discrimination alleged in casino lawsuit

Harassment of any kind in an individual’s place of employment can hinder the employee’s trust and confidence in an employer. Employees want to feel safe and respected in their work environment or they will dread waking up and going to work.

Supervisors and others in management are especially held responsible for the treatment of their staff by themselves and by other workers. In addition to the importance of maintaining good relationships for the sake of harmony, productivity and performance can also suffer if an issue of harassment arises between colleagues or, even more seriously in the eyes of the law, between an employee and supervisor.

Workers are entitled to equal treatment under the law regardless of gender, race, religious preferences and other characteristics and beliefs that create a diverse work environment. Throughout the years, sexual harassment has become unacceptable in the workplace and is can often have serious consequences both on the job and in the courts. Yet there are some instances in which employees are afraid to speak up or feel helpless because the mistreatment comes directly from a superior and they are afraid of losing their job.

In a lawsuit recently filed in New York, a female casino security guard from Jamaica alleges that her male superior sexually harassed her. The lawsuit claims that the supervisor made offensive sexual comments and unwanted sexual advances toward the claimant and threatened her with termination if she did not submit to his overtures.

Although a former female manager, who was not named in the lawsuit, was fired due to her discriminatory behavior, the male supervisor continues to work for the same company. This is likely not easy for the woman who brought the lawsuit.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be a painful experience that affects the victim both personally and professionally. All employees have the right to a harmonious work environment where they are treated fairly and respectfully. Any worker who feels that he or she has been harassed or discriminated against by an employer or even a colleague should pursue options to remedy the situation, whether through the courts or through filing a complaint with their employer. In either case, the advice of a legal professional can help you determine the validity of your complaint.

Source: New York Daily News, “Resorts World security guard sues casino operator, alleging sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of her nationality,” Eli Rosenberg,  May 15, 2014

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