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July 2014 Archives

McDonald's faces labor issues

New York readers with a taste for fast food may be interested in the latest issue for McDonald's and the labor practices of its franchisees. Labor law experts feel that the chain could be named as a joint employer in numerous complaints filed by workers at franchised restaurants. This could make the McDonald's Corporation liable for the management decisions of franchisees.

New York workers have updated rights in the workplace

For the first time in three decades, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission updated its guidelines regarding how employers may treat workers who are pregnant. According to the new guidelines, employers are not allowed to terminate pregnant workers or fail to make arrangements for them to do lighter work. Employers who violate these standards may be in violation of gender discrimination rules.

Online company executive accused of sexual harassment

A former employee at Yahoo has recently accused her supervisor of forcing her to engage in oral and digital sex acts. The suit also alleges that the f supervisor told the employee that she could take away her job, her stock options and her future career prospects if she failed to comply with her requests.

New York employees should know their rights in the workplace

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for an employer to hire or fire anyone based on their color, religion, gender or ethnicity. It also makes it illegal for those who complain of sexual harassment or who take part in a sexual harassment case to experience any form of retaliation from their employer. These rules apply to any company that has more than 15 employees whether it is a private company or government organization.

Former employee of startup sues company for harassment

Businesswomen in New York may know what it feels like to work in an environment where they are outnumbered by men. Many professions today are still heavily dominated by men, including the technology industry. There is some concern that women may be experiencing higher instances of sexual harassment and hostility in the workplace. One recent case to show up in the news involves a former executive of a dating website who is suing her ex-employer for harassment and discrimination, which the former executive says forced her out of the workplace.