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Former Mets executive claims gender discrimination after firing

A woman who formerly served as a senior vice president for the New York Mets has filed a lawsuit against the organization, alleging that she had been the target of discriminatory practices due to the fact that she was unwed and pregnant. A reported dispute arose between the woman and Jeff Wilpon, Mets COO and son of the team's owner, after she announced her pregnancy to fellow executives with the baseball team. She indicates that the difficulties continued even after her return from maternity leave in June, and she was reportedly fired in August.

In the employment discrimination suit, the woman indicates that she was humiliated by Wilpon on various occasions while other individuals were present. Additionally, she notes that the COO indicated that when she got a wedding ring, she would receive a greater income and larger bonuses. She alleges that she was fired after reporting the hostile behavior to the human resources department for the team. According to reports, the team has issued a statement indicating that upon review, it finds the claims to lack merit.

It was reported that a severance package was offered to the woman on the grounds that she would not bring legal action against the team. However, the woman has chosen to work with legal professionals to address the alleged discrimination.

An individual dealing with a similar situation who has been subject to inappropriate or hostile comments in the workplace might consider various options when addressing potential discrimination. A lawyer may evaluate the circumstances to determine possible approaches to filing formal complaints or bringing legal action. If an employee is concerned that a pattern of offensive behaviors may lead to being fired, a lawyer might assist in identifying appropriate avenues for reporting the behavior.

Source: Yahoo Sports, "Mets sued by ex-exec who claims she was fired for being pregnant and unwed", Mike Oz, September 10, 2014

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