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Lawsuit accuses Facebook of sex and race discrimination

Employers in New York and nationwide are watching the workplace discrimination lawsuits emerging against giant technology companies. Following on the heels of the high-profile gender discrimination case against the venture capital company Kleiner Perkins, Facebook has now been named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a former female employee of Chinese descent.

According to her lawsuit, the woman alleged that Facebook retaliated against her after she complained of harassment by her manager. She was subsequently fired and is now seeking damages for lost pay and emotional distress. She provided many examples of what she characterized as discrimination, including being told to stay home and raise her children.

Despite receiving good performance reviews and raises, she says she was asked to do menial duties that male co-workers were never asked to do, like serve drinks and plan office parties. She also claims that her manager told her she did not fit in because she looked different and did not talk like other people. After being fired, she said that her replacement was a man who lacked her qualifications.

Numerous legal protections are in place to protect employees from discrimination based on their gender, race, age, pregnancy status or religion. A person who believes that he or she is being targeted in the workplace may want to consult with a lawyer to learn about his or her rights. Discrimination cases can be difficult to prove. A lawyer might be able to help a person assess whether the available evidence of discrimination and retaliation could support a lawsuit. Sometimes a lawyer can negotiate a settlement for lost wages if an employer is motivated to avoid the embarrassment and cost of a court case.

Source: CNN Money, "Facebook gets sued for gender discrimination," March 19, 2015

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