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Transgender individuals face workplace discrimination

Transgender New Yorkers and their advocates may know all too well that workplace discrimination could continue to play a major role in their lives. Regardless of high-profile events like the announcement by Caitlyn Jenner that she was undergoing a transition and the recruitment of a transgender athlete at Harvard University, multiple news outlets say that the country still has a ways to go towards securing equal employment rights for all people.

Many observers have noted that transgender Americans are left uncovered by many of the legal employment protections others enjoy. Academics say that the onus for protecting these individuals may ultimately rest with employers and management staff who have the power to step in to fight workplace discrimination as it occurs. Potential strategies could include dealing with logistical issues such as gender-based restroom designation or counseling employees who exhibit exclusionary or hostile behavior.

Ninety percent of transgender people who participated in a recent survey revealed that they had been discriminated against based on who they were. In another survey, one quarter said that they'd lost jobs due to their genders, but in the end, any positive change that arises may come from companies instead of legislators. Many analysts believe that employers who promote diversity and foster accepting workplace environments stand to improve their profitability and business growth.

Although many Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the transgender communities around them, equality remains elusive. Everyday people who simply want to work commonly find that deeply personal issues, like their gender or sexual orientation, prevent them from benefiting from the upward career mobility that others get to appreciate. While laws are lagging behind social progress, these individuals may still benefit from learning about their legal rights following discrimination incidents.

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