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Time Warner changes parental leave policy after lawsuit

A lawsuit that was filed against Time Warner Inc. over a discriminatory parental leave policy. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued the New York-based company on behalf of a former employee of one of its divisions who claimed that he and other biological fathers were not allowed to take as much parental leave as biological mothers and adoptive parents.

Prior to the lawsuit, Time Warner's parental leave policy allowed birth mothers and adoptive parents to have 10 weeks of paid leave following the birth of a child or an adoption. However, biological fathers were only provided two weeks of paid leave after the birth of a child. The discrimination lawsuit against Time Warner was settled, and the company now provides all parents with six weeks of paid leave after childbirth or adoption.

In addition to parental leave, Time Warner also offers employees who are birth mothers paid leave for short-term disability related to pregnancy and childbirth. By separating parental leave from medical conditions caused by pregnancy and childbirth, the company may be able to avoid allegations of discrimination in its parental leave policy. According to the EEOC, employers must provide the same parental leave terms for all employees regardless of whether they are biological fathers, mothers or adoptive parents.

There may be other companies that still have parental leave policies that provide more time off for birth mothers. A father who has been discriminated against by his employer's parental leave policy may want to speak with an attorney about filing a workplace discrimination claim. An attorney may be able to look into the details of a father's case to determine if the parental leave policy at his company is discriminatory.

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