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Options after experiencing sexual harassment

There are federal and state laws in place to protect employees from facing a hostile working environment, but many women in the workforce know that sexual harassment still unfortunately occurs. This is often a women's issue because anywhere from 25 to 80 percent of female employees are harassed at work based on multiple studies and surveys, and the overwhelming majority of them report being sexually harassed by men. While victims often get put in difficult positions when being harassed, there is some information that may help victims in New York and other states.

One does not immediately have to report sexual harassment but might want to write instances of it down and keep these records in a safe spot. When documenting harassment, it should be noted what happened along with the date, time, location and any witnesses who saw the event. Victims should keep copies of any evidence like voicemail, texts, emails or photos.

When deciding to report sexual harassment, the general first approach is to report it in accordance with the policies set forth in the company manual. However, this might not be possible if the harasser is in charge or close to those in charge. In such an event, it may be possible to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the applicable state agency.

Sexual harassment could consist of verbal, visual or physical elements and take many forms. One who is experiencing harassment or a hostile work environment due to sexual conduct might want to have the assistance of an employment law attorney in pursuing the remedies that are available.

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