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Workplace Discrimination Archives

FBI background checks in employment law under scrutiny

Civil rights laws that protect workers from discrimination in the workplace would arguably not provide any protection at all if a job applicant could never get in the door in the first place. Employment discrimination laws prohibit employers from discriminating in the job hiring process based upon a variety of reasons, including the race of an applicant.

Former 'American Idol' singers sue in New York for racial bias

Different industries may use different types of employment contracts to address specific industry-related issues. Within an industry, the nature of a relationship may have certain niche areas. Many media personalities have contractual relationships between the on-air performer and the employer. But, even in the entertainment industry, a network or other entity may need performers to appear in niche roles.

Long Island woman sues for discrimination after donating kidney

A Hicksville, New York woman says that she was fired after helping her supervisor move up the list on the national organ donor list to receive a kidney transplant. The woman says in her disability discrimination lawsuit that she suffered complications after donating a kidney.

US Supreme Court issues two employment law decisions

The United States Supreme Court issued two employment law rulings Monday limiting the types of issues that may create liability for employers under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The two rulings came down in 5 to 4 split decisions.

5 female EMTs settle sex discrimination suit with FDNY

Five women have said for several years that the New York City Fire Department has a glass ceiling for women. The five Emergency Medical Service officers claim that promotional opportunities for women within the department are impeded due to discriminatory reasons. The women have been pursuing a sex discrimination lawsuit against the city, arguing that a pattern of discrimination exists in the department.

Court rules lactating mother may pursue sex discrimination suit

A federal appellate court has ruled that a new mother who wished to express milk after returning from maternity leave may pursue her employment discrimination lawsuit. The trial court had dismissed the lawsuit finding that lactation after giving birth is not sufficiently related to pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition.”

Wet Seal, women, settle race discrimination lawsuit

Worker’s rights laws have been in place in New York and at the federal level for years, aimed at eliminating discriminatory practices in the workplace. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against workers in a wide variety of areas, including discrimination based upon race.

Female Merck rep sues the company for gender bias

A senior sales rep with Merck and company says that the pharmaceutical company systematically discriminates against women. She says in a workplace discrimination lawsuit that the drug maker does not give female workers the same kinds of employment opportunities that men receive.

NFL, New York reach sexual orientation discrimination agreement

As football fans debate prospects for this years' National Football League draft, which begins April 25, the league and New York officials have hammered out an agreement to reduce the likelihood of discrimination in the sport. Each year, NFL teams prepare for the draft by holding what is known as "the combine." NFL prospects show their abilities before the NFL teams and also meet with officials and coaches of the teams during the combine. This spring, several NFL prospects noted following the scouting combine that they had been asked whether they had girlfriends, or if they liked girls.