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August 2013 Archives

Age bias claim vs employment contract issue in Buffalo Bills case

A former equipment manager for the Buffalo Bills says that beginning in 2010, after a shift in management of the team occurred, the former manager was forced to endure two years’ of harassment over his age. The man had been with the football franchise for 37 years before he was let go. He has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the Bills in a court in New York.

White Plains officer sues for harassment and discrimination

A woman has filed a sexual harassment and employment discrimination lawsuit against the City of White Plains, New York, and its police department. The woman works as a police officer for the city. She says that she has been subjected to egregious sexual harassment from supervisors and also suffered discrimination while in the force, due to her race or national origin.

More victims coming forward in West Coast sex harassment case

New York seems to have its share of scandals, including sex scandals involving politicians. However, a West Coast sexual harassment problem that is allegedly plaguing the San Diego mayor’s office is garnering many national headlines.

FBI background checks in employment law under scrutiny

Civil rights laws that protect workers from discrimination in the workplace would arguably not provide any protection at all if a job applicant could never get in the door in the first place. Employment discrimination laws prohibit employers from discriminating in the job hiring process based upon a variety of reasons, including the race of an applicant.