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Wage dispute in New York involved pizza delivery employees

It's been reported that 25 Domino's delivery personnel will be able to return to their jobs following a wage-and-hour dispute.  These Domino's workers were employed with 3683 Washington Heights Pizza, LLZ.  

On December 5th, a number of these workers participated in a workers' rights march held in Washington Heights and Foley Square.  A couple of days after the march a number of workers were assigned extra shifts in the kitchen which deprived them of the right to earn tips.  The workers were also told to quit if they were not happy, and this resulted in a number of workers walking off of the job.

This ultimately resulted in New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman becoming involved in this labor law dispute.  Schneiderman and the employer are said to have negotiated a settlement allowing for the workers to return to work.  

It must be kept in mind that workers receiving tips can be paid as little as $1.60 per hour.  However, both federal and New York law place limitations upon how much time these individuals can be ordered to perform in "untipped" work.  New York law also prohibits an employer from retaliating against employees for good-faith complaints regarding violations of labor law. 

These disputes can often be complex and that's why employees may wish to speak to experienced employment law attorneys concerning their grievances.  Without legal representation, employees could be at a disadvantage when negotiating with an employer.  Attorneys can consult with employees and let them know their rights and legal options.

Many other employees in the food industry could find themselves in similar circumstances as the pizza delivery employees.  It's good for employees to know that support is available.

Source: CBS New York, "25 Domino's Pizza Employees Reinstated Amid Wage Dispute," Dec. 12, 2013

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