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January 2014 Archives

Judge grants Nicollette Sheridan new wrongful termination trial

Actress Nicollette Sheridan is seeking her day in court again on allegations that she was wrongfully discharged from her role on the television series, “Desperate Housewives.” The employment law case has certainly included its own levels of drama, with twists and turns through its history. The case has already gone before a jury, a trial that ended in a deadlock under the law in the state where the trial was held. Jurors hung, with more favoring Sheridan in her claim for wrongful termination, according to the New York Daily News.

NFL cheerleader files pay dispute lawsuit related to contract

A cheerleader on the West Coast has pulled out the yellow flag and is calling a penalty over wages. While her claim is not being brought under New York or federal laws, the story is a timely reminder of age and hour laws that are aimed at protecting workers from being cheated out of wages. Earlier this month we discussed the increase in recent wage and hour disputes that have been cropping up across the country.

New York company settles genetic info discrimination lawsuit

Companies all across the country use criminal background checks and pre-employment physicals as a part of the hiring process. How these screening are conducted may concern employment law attorneys in some circumstances. Companies should not have carte blanche to use these processes in ways that can have a disparate impact on groups of people. Laws are in place that may give some workers relief when an employer crosses the line in its pre-employment screenings.

Wage and hour disputes were up in 2013, may continue this year

Debate and commentary over minimum wage laws seems to be garnering a great deal of attention these days all across the country. But, there is another area where businesses may be short-changing workers, regardless of minimum or agreed upon wages that are above the minimum wage. Wage and hour disputes and the failure to pay overtime are issues that have been finding their way into courtrooms in New York—and in other states across this nation.

Woman sues for wrongful termination under FMLA

A surgical assistant in one of New York’s neighboring states says that she was wrongfully discharged after she suffered burns in an accident. While the woman worked in a medical facility, she says that she was not given time off to seek treatment for her burns.