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June 2014 Archives

Department of Labor says all workers protected by law

U.S. citizens are not the only people who enjoy employee rights. New York state labor laws protect all workers, including foreign-born employees who might be classified as undocumented, according to the state's Department of Labor. Regardless of immigration status, everyone is entitled to receive overtime pay, be paid at least minimum wage, and have the right to file complaints in cases of wrongful termination and other employment disputes.

New legislation for federal LGBT workers

Many residents in New York may already know that there are 32 states in the United States that currently allow employers to fire someone due to being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. On June 16, a White House representative said that President Obama requested that his staff draft an executive order to prohibit employment discrimination against LGBT workers of federal contractors. This new legislation could reportedly affect 16 million employees in the United States.

New York bill passes committee vote on way to Senate

The New York Senate Labor Committee voted on June 3 in favor of new legislation that would protect workers from unfair treatment based on the decisions they make regarding reproductive health care. The proposed law will now move to the Senate floor. While there were no committee votes against the bill, one member abstained. The proposed legislation is designed to protect employees from discrimination based on their choices regarding issues such as birth control and abortion.

Tiffany & Company faces racial discrimination accusation

A former African-American male manager of a Tiffany's location in Texas has filed a lawsuit in federal court citing racial discrimination. The former employee of the company that has its flagship operation in New York claims that he was given a termination warning despite having received excellent performance reviews and increasing sales since he joined the company in 1993. It is alleged that a new vice president was overheard making some disparaging remarks along the lines of "a black man representing the Tiffany brand" after a visit to the Texas location.