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Man sues Target for discrimination and harassment

Workers in New York may be interested in the case of a Target employee who filed suit against the company on July 23 in a Texas federal court. The man claims that he was exposed to discrimination due to his race and his disabilities. According to the lawsuit, the man suffers from autism and dyslexia, and he has two rods in his back, which makes it difficult for him to get around.

The man claims that starting in 2009, he was subject to harassment from his supervisor and other coworkers. When he made a complaint to human resources, the taunting and harassment reportedly got worse. In October 2011, the man reportedly made another complaint only to see his hours reduced from as many as 40 to as low as five per week, and he reportedly lost employment benefits. This caused him to include a complaint of employer retaliation in his lawsuit in addition to the discrimination claims.

Although a complaint was made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the case has not been resolved. He is asking for actual and liquidated damages, front pay or reinstatement as well as legal fees. In addition to compensatory damages, he is also requesting punitive damages.

Employers are not allowed to retaliate or punish employees for making valid claims against a coworker or manager. They are also not allowed to discriminate against an employee due to the color of his or her skin or because he or she may have a learning disability as long as long as the employee can do the job satisfactorily. An employment law attorney may be able to help a worker receive compensation for lost wages and other damages against his or her employer.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, "Target sued by employee who cites racial, disability discrimination in the workplace", Matt Russell, July 29, 2014

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