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May 2015 Archives

New age discrimination trend emerging

In employment ads in New York and across the country, a new term is being used by employers who are apparently seeking younger applicants. Rather than asking for "new grads" or "young blood," which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says is illegal and in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, employers are now asking for "digital natives."

Ford facing expanded sexual harassment lawsuit

New York residents may be interested to learn that a sexual lawsuit filed in November 2014 against Ford in Chicago was recently expanded, and now includes additional allegations involving dozens of women at another Ford plant in Chicago. The amended civil complaint was filed on May 13 in an Illinois federal court.

Sexual harassment victims often choose silence

Sexual harassment exists throughout all levels of employment, but workers are reluctant to bring attention to the situation. In New York and across the nation, victims are choosing to remain silent instead of risking job loss. An executive with the National Women's Law Center education and employment reported this information to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.