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November 2015 Archives

Former Con Edison employee files discrimination complaint

A former employee of Con Edison in New York has filed a harassment and discrimination complaint against the energy utility provider. According to the plaintiff, she was harassed and discriminated against by her supervisors and coworkers because she is a black woman.

Hiring biases and cancer survivors

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against employees or potential employees based on medical conditions, New York cancer survivors seeking work might wonder about how their medical history will be viewed by prospective employers. A 2015 study conducted in the southern part of the nation may provide a clue. Although the study did not identify the violation of any actual laws, a significant bias toward cancer survivors was observed in the retail industry.

Study reveals discrimination faced by disabled job applicants

Employers in New York and around the country routinely discriminate against disabled job applicants, according to the results of a study published on Nov. 10 by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The nonprofit organization came to this conclusion after sending out over 6,000 fake applications to accounting firms. Applications that mentioned no disability were responded to about 26 percent more often than those revealing either Asperger's Syndrome or a spinal cord injury.

Sexual harassment in restaurant workplaces

Many New Yorkers work in restaurants, and as a new study indicates, a majority of them may be subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. A recent study in which 688 restaurant workers across 39 states were interviewed demonstrates the pervasiveness of the problem.