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Working against age discrimination

Employers in New York are prohibited from discriminating against older workers because of their age. Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, workers over the age of 40 are legally protected from age discrimination. Despite the employment laws that were set up to prevent age discrimination, older workers often feel that they are turned down for jobs and promotions because employers prefer to hire younger workers.

Older job applicants can do some things to help employers view their age as an asset during the hiring process. By taking leadership positions in the community and showcasing expert knowledge on a blog or forum, they can demonstrate that they have talents to offer a company that a younger job applicant does not. If the topic of expenses comes up, an older job applicant should emphasize that it could be more expensive for a company to hire 'cheaper" younger workers who don't end up working out.

One of the reasons older job applicants are discriminated against in the workplace is that employers think they don't have up-to-date skill sets. An older job applicant can combat this age stereotype by learning about new technology and how to use it. Older job applicants may also want to stay current in their field by attending workshops and taking online training courses.

An employer who regularly rejects older job applicants in favor of younger and less qualified job applicants may be committing age discrimination. An attorney may be able to help a job applicant who is over the age of 40 to gather evidence for an employment discrimination claim and then submit it to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or applicable state agency.

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