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March 2016 Archives

Options after experiencing sexual harassment

There are federal and state laws in place to protect employees from facing a hostile working environment, but many women in the workforce know that sexual harassment still unfortunately occurs. This is often a women's issue because anywhere from 25 to 80 percent of female employees are harassed at work based on multiple studies and surveys, and the overwhelming majority of them report being sexually harassed by men. While victims often get put in difficult positions when being harassed, there is some information that may help victims in New York and other states.

Sexual harassment pervasive among service industry workers

Anyone who doubts the existence of sexual harassment in the workplace should talk to service industry employees. A high likelihood exists that a woman employed as a restaurant server in New York has experienced unwanted touching, lewd comments or other actions sexual in nature.

New York employers may pay more overtime after 2016

New Fair Labor Standards Act rules could redefine who is legally eligible for overtime pay and how much they get. Those affected may include individuals who fulfill various professional roles, including management and administration. The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed significantly increasing the threshold of what salary levels qualify as exempt from FLSA overtime. The agency hopes that this will reduce the incidence of employees being denied their proper overtime pay because their employers use their salaries to incorrectly classify their worker status.

Man fired after posting photos on Facebook during medical leave

New Yorkers should be careful with what they post on Facebook when they take medical leave from work, as was demonstrated by a recent federal case. A Florida man who took 12 weeks off from his job at a nursing home for FMLA leave and then an additional 30 days of non-FMLA leave was fired after his coworkers reported vacation photos he posted during the period.